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Milwaukee Green Shorts

Milwaukee Green Shorts

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For the first time ever we remixed the old days with our own flare!! Introducing our brand new Crispy Basketball shorts! Choose your vibe!

Cut and sewn from scratch in NYC


Screen Printed

 *Sizing info*

True to size 

Above-the-knee fit

Small- 28-30 waist
Medium- 32-34 waist
Large- 34-36 waist
XL- 38-40 waist
XXL- 40-42 waist
XXXL- 42-46 waist
XXXXL- 46-50 waist

LENGTH (approximate) from top of waistband to bottom of shorts

Small- 16 inches
Medium 17 inches
Large- 18 inches
XL- 19.5 inches
XXL- 21.5 inches
XXXL- 23 inches
XXXXL- 25 inches

Premium Mesh material with drawstrings 

Shipping- 2-3 weeks.

6” inch seam

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